Sunday, August 14, 2011

Doll Clothes Again

I've done a little sewing of doll clothes for my cousin's little girl who I'll be seeing in a week.  She's 4 & I thought she'd like to expand her Cabbage Patch wardrobe a little.  I made all these things from stuff I had on hand - mostly old clothes that were too worn out to wear.  I love using old clothes for doll clothes because you can cheat and re-use the hems most of the time!

First up, a dress that was a long sleeved T-shirt in a former life.

Next, due to some lack of planning on my part, there is one T-shirt with three different bottoms options.

Skirt (the only thing not made from old clothes)...



I remember from my doll playing days that I really liked having everyday clothes for my dolls, they didn't have a lot of occasions for wearing fancy dresses, so I've kept that in mind when planning doll wardrobes.

If you would like to make some doll clothes of your own you can find the T-shirt tutorial here and the pants tutorial here.  The dress is like a T-shirt with a gathered rectangle attached and the skirt is a gathered rectangle.  If you have questions please ask!


  1. wicked cute! I always wanted to make clothes for my dolls as a girl...

  2. i loved my cabbage patch dolls so freakin much! What a blast from the past.