Monday, February 27, 2012

Making Day!

This Saturday I had a Making Day.  How is Making Day different to Crafternoon? hmm...  Crafternoon involves friends, Making Day is just me.  Crafternoons have specific projects in mind, Making Day was about playing with supplies & getting creative juices flowing.  Crafternoons involve facilitating others' crafts, Making Day is much more selfish!  (And if you come to Crafternoon please realize I really do love them!  But sometimes I need "me time.")  It was great to have a day to play, I highly recommend it!

I cut into my wool fabric bundle... make cute argyle cards; inspired by these.

Had a little FaceTime with friend who is knitting her first pair of socks & was turning her first heel.  (Texting wasn't cutting it, hooray for iPhones!)

Tried a project from this book I got for Christmas...

...anyone want an owl picture?

Then I played around with quilting, decorative stitches & scraps of fabric to create this... "art leaf".  Based on something I saw in a magazine but very loosely.

During Making Day I listened to a bunch of episodes of my new favourite podcast, by Joy the Baker.  I can't tell you how much fun this podcast is!  It's like listening to two of your best friends discuss "the totally important unimportant things" of life.  You might want to go listen now!

The best part?  That's not even all of it!  There are some things (including a tutorial!!) I'll be back to share a bit later this week and other things that are gifts so I can't share them just yet.


  1. A whole day to craft?! I want to be you! Your cards & owl picture are adorable and look like a lot of fun to make, thanks for sharing them :-)

    1. Yes, I'm very lucky to have a whole day to craft! (Although technically I did have to go buy groceries & stopped at dinner time, it was still wonderful!)

  2. Such cute owls and art leaf. Love the way you made them.

  3. omg, you and i had the same day this weekend haha! i spent all of sunday just making paper stuff, going grocery shopping and making food. you're totally right about crafternoons vs making days. love it. your creations are so fun!