Friday, September 23, 2011

Moraine Lake + Ground Squirrels

The next stop on our summer adventure was Moraine Lake.  This picture sums it up.  And no, I haven't altered it at all - it's straight off the camera!

While we were there we rented a canoe.

And spent an hour paddling around some of the most breath taking scenery I have ever seen.  

On the most beautiful coloured water.

Gazing at these majestic mountains.

We also ate lunch there... with some visitors! There were two ground squirrels who were desperate to sample my lunch!  I let him (her?) crawl on me for a bit but once it got up near my head I was done!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Summer Trip - Banff

After a few days visiting family in Calgary my first stop on the trip was Banff.  I had driven through once (I think) but never stopped.  Oh my goodness - it's gorgeous there!  

We (me & my sister) went hiking...

Sat in the hot springs (and lost my sunglasses)...

 And marveled at the beautiful surroundings...

We also observed local wildlife.  Like this ground squirrel - not the last time we'd encounter them as you'll see!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

99/100 = DONE!

Labour Day is over and so is the 99/100 challenge - run 100 miles between Memorial Day & Labour Day.  I'm pleased to report I finished the 100 miles on August 22 but went on to run 120 miles by Labour Day.  It was a slow start but midsummer, when I had less then half the time but more then half the miles to go, I signed up & started training for a half marathon which really kicked things into gear!

Sorry for not updating before but I was away for 2.5 weeks and then catching up with everything that went on while I was away!  I'll be back to share pictures & stories of the trip later this week.