Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chiyogami Challenge - Project #4

I (along with most of blogland it seems) love washi tape.  Again, along with most of blogland it's not something I find in stores very often (I did find some at the Paper Place back in October) and so far I haven't ordered any on-line.  So I've used one of my chiyogami squares to make 18" of custom washi tape.

  • Stick double sided tape along the top of the paper square.

  • Trim off the excess paper. (I'm using a rotary cutter but you could use scissors).

  • Stick the excess paper on the tape next to the piece you've trimmed and continue this way till all the paper is used up!

And now you've got some one of a kind tape ready for use!  Envelopes, parcels, scrapbooking - here we come!

Monday, June 20, 2011

99/100 Update

Three weeks in to the 99/100 challenge I've run 20 miles - a fifth of the total!  My last 3-ish miles happened last weekend during a triathlon.  I started triathloning a year and half ago & absolutely love it! And since I have pictures I'm going to add them.

Here we are heading out for the swim (I'm in the pink cap group).

And part-way out on the course.

Me heading out to the bike.  I just realized how co-ordinated my outfit/bike are! Nice!

80 more to go!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chiyogami Challenge - Project #3

Another quick one!  
  • Punch circles out (I find chiyogami paper doesn't punch well on it's own so I punch it together with a scrap of regular paper).
  • Glue onto blank labels (I used a UHU glue stick).
  • Peel away the outside of the labels and trim the backing paper.

I've been using these as seals on the backs of envelopes, where would you use them?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stamp Love

Stamp packs from Send More Mail stuck on and ready to go.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chiyogami Challenge - Project #2

Ready for another chiyogami project?  Nothing too fancy but a fun way to display some beautiful paper!

Another look at them - as part of a display collection.

No step by step photos for this one but the instructions run something like this: cut squares from paper, glue on wooden block.  I used 1" squares of paper and the blocks are ever so slightly larger.  And since each block only need 6 squares I have a 1x3 rectangle of each print left for another project!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chiyogami Challenge - Project #1

As I mentioned yesterday I've finished the first project in my chiyogami challenge.  Can you spot it?

Yep, a little frame!

Want to make one too?  

You'll need:
  • 3" square of decorative paper
  • 2.5" square of heavy card (mine is maybe mat board)
  • glue, scissors, craft knife

1. Cut a square out of the centre of your card.
2. Cut an X out of your decorative paper (I put the frame on top & eyeballed it).
3. Clip the corners off the outside paper as well as the triangles created by the X and fold the onto the frame.
4. Glue everything down.

I've got mine propped up with other photo frames but I think these would be great scrapbook embellishments as well!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Another Challenge

So you may have noticed I like challenges.  And deadlines.  Something to motivate me to do things and finish them.  I recently wrote about my self-imposed Chiyogami Challenge (two projects done, posts pending photos due to crappy weather today).

This weekend I joined another challenge - the 99/100 challenge hosted by Elizabeth over at *my crafty mess*.

Did I mention it's not craft related?  This challenge is to run 100 miles in 99 days.  Specifically the days between Memorial Day & Labour Day.  Which is a little interesting since I'm Canadian so don't observe Memorial Day or measure in miles but 100 in 99 sounds kinda impressive, don't you think?  Would you like to give the 99/100 challenge a try?  Any mileage counts: rollerblades, bikes, swimming (OK, that would be a super challenge!), walking, etc.  Great motivation to get active this summer!

I'll post a few updates on how it's going, maybe every week or two as I don't think anyone is coming here to read a list of run kilometers/miles completed!

See you tomorrow with some paper projects.