Saturday, December 17, 2011

Giveaway Day Winner

Thanks to all who visited and left a comment, I loved reading what you were all looking forward to this holiday season.  Not surprisingly most people are looking forward to spending time with families but there seems to be lots of handmade gift giving planned which is exciting too!

On to the winner!  The trusty True Random Number Generator came up with number 20 who is ewebewe.  Congratulations! I'll be in touch to get your mailing address.  If you did not win but would like a needle case of your own I have a tutorial here.  I also have some made up which I should really list in my Etsy shop...  Add that to the to do list!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Giveaway Day!

Hooray! Giveaway Day is here!

Here at Betula`Loo I'll be giving away this handmade needlecase that holds up to 6 packages of sewing machine needles.

Here's what a needlecase looks like full of needles.  (Please note the giveaway is for the blue case and you will need to supply your own needles).

If you would like a chance to win please leave a comment on this post about something you're looking forward to, or already enjoying this holiday season.  I'm happy to ship internationally so everyone is welcome to enter.  I will be picking a winner with the random number generator on the morning of Saturday December 17.  Good luck & thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Great Chiyogami Giveaway!

Over at The Paper Place they are hosting the 2nd Great Chiyogami Giveaway.  And when they say great they mean great - the winner will receive over 700 sheets of chiyogami paper!  Can you imagine all the stuff you could make with that?  The contest runs till December 15th so there's still time to go over and enter!

And if you were wondering what to do with all that paper maybe you could make these star ornaments.  Here's the tutorial from last year.

Come back tomorrow for my contribution to Giveaway Day on Sew, Mama, Sew!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

One of a Kind Roundup

The One of a Kind Show is one of my favourite events of the Christmas season.  With 800 vendors it's a lot to take in - I highly recommend taking a break half way through (if not more often) for a tea or gelato and a sit down.  We forgot this step last year and were regretting it by the end.

Now that I've done a couple craft shows I had extra respect for the makers who spend 10 long days at the show and tried to remember what it's like to sit with your crafts for sale.  I couldn't talk to everyone of course (I was on a bit of a time budget) but the conversations I did have I tried to make meaningful.  I found it interesting that I was drawn to the artists who work in the same mediums I do - paper and fabric.   In some ways it would make more sense to look at jewelry, glass work and the like - things I have not the talent or desire to do.  But in other ways it makes perfect sense - I love paper and fabric: that's why I work with them, no wonder I love looking at them too!

While every artisan there has special items to offer I'd like to show you a few of my favourties.

I love the aprons from Pi'lo - there's a recipe for bread printed on the bib!

Vintage linens made into bread bags (and other delightful articles) from L'Atelier du Presbytere.

The most destinctive thing (in my opinion) in Honeybea's booth are these bum warmers.  Made from recycled sweaters I think they'd make a great addition to a Canadian winter wardrobe!

I love how the Woodlot brings nature into your house.  This ipod dock is such a nice way to blend nature & technology.

Flakes Paperie had lots of fun ideas like these holiday postal telegrams.  Who wouldn't love to get this in the mail?

Katie McLellan calls herself an eclectic media artist which describes her work perfectly!  I chose to show one of her kite people hangings here but there was so much more in her booth: stained glass ornaments, shoulder bags, mushroom puppets etc.

Krystal Speck is my favourite potter at the show!  The last few years I've made a point of collecting one of her pieces when I go.  It's a nice tradition I hope to continue.

I love this mussel necklace from Filou. Searching through tide pools has to be one of my favourite things and this pendant captures that feeling.

Paint chip placemats!  How fun!  Avril loreti has other paint chip items too, this booth was full of colour.

Stephen Haigh's work is amazing!  All inlaid wood and the attention to detail is incredible!

And my favourite visual artist, Joseph Sampson.  I don't have an example to show you but head over to his webpage and spend some time oogling his art.  Simply amazing!  Maybe it's a good thing I don't have the money to buy one of his pieces - I could never decide which one to take home!

The show is open through to Sunday December 4th and today (December 1st) is late night shopping day (I mean night).  The show will be open till 11 pm for you to go browse all that loveliness!  If you're in the Toronto area I highly recommend you go check it out!  There are also shows in Vancouver and Chicago if you can't make it to Toronto.