Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Christmas Crafternoon

Now an annual tradition among my friends, Christmas Crafternoon is an event I host each November. After scouring Pinterest for ideas I bake some cookies, get out the craft supplies and invite friends over for an afternoon of crafting.

This year was a little earlier then usual due to some scheduling conflicts so some of all of the festive decor was lacking but we put Christmas songs on, drank hot apple cider out of candy cane mugs (which themselves are such a part of the tradition that if we didn't have them I'm sure I'd have a revolt on my hands) and set to crafting.

I've come to realize after hosting a few Crafternoons that my friends are not particularly crafty - in that our annual Christmas Crafternoon is probably 90% of their crafting for the year (sad but true). Keeping this in mind I've learned to pick projects that are quick and easy and involve no sewing whatsoever.  Even the tiniest bit of sewing seems to be enough to turn most people off.

The most popular activity any year is card making.  Out come card blanks, stamps, punches, coloured pens, glue sticks and all the rest.  I'm always interested to see what other's make out of the supplies I am so accustomed to.  One difference is that usually the insides of cards get just as much decoration as the front whereas I'm almost always leaving those insides naked, adding a short verse or stamped saying later.

This year in addition to card making we experimented with melting candy canes from this tutorial and I thought these candle holders were great but I was the only one to try making one.  

And now that Christmas Crafternoon 2014 is over all the great Christmas crafts I see can go on the Pinterest board for 2015! Nothing like planning ahead. (Speaking of planning ahead, one of these years I will remember to take photos before the sun sets and the light is crappy!)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sneek Peek

A little look at what I've been working on for the Creative Spark Winter Market.  I love those fabrics and am excited to think of them going to new homes.  A few threads to trim, turning holes to close and cord to thread.  Then they will be done!  Stayed tuned for more pictures.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Staying in Touch

I've spent most of this year away from home sailing around the Atlantic on a beautiful tall ship (more about my adventures on the other blog, Betula`Loo Sets Sail) and while I was away from home I sent many a postcard or letter back to friends and family. Now I'm back home, till Christmas at least, and one of the first things I sat down to make were hand-carved stamps to use on stationery.  The pack of rainbow cards and envelopes I picked up (somewhere in my travels) was the perfect base for these cheery stamps that cover a variety of occasions from thankyous to congratulations to those times you just want to say hi.  And after meeting so many amazing people on board I'm not running short of friends to send cheery cards to!  I won't be keeping this loveliness all to myself, sets will be for sale at the Creative Spark Winter Market and DDC's Holiday Extravaganza!  For those not in the area I plan to list some on Etsy as well.