Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thrummed Mittens

This winter I have fallen in love with knitting thrummed mittens. You start with some wool roving and yarn...

and end up with this:

I started with a kit I got for my birthday (which wasn't by chance - I dropped some "subtle" hints). It took me a while to get the hang of thrumming but once I got it I had so much fun playing with the wool roving. This is what they look like inside, all that lovely wool against your hands!

About a week before Christmas I noticed my sister needed new mittens, guess what she got?

Actually it was a bit of a rush so she only got the one mitten (finished on Christmas Eve day) wrapped up but the other one appeared a few days later. Then, not to leave my mom out I made her a pair too.

I love the combination of the two blues. I enjoy playing with the colour combinations. I think a pair of black mittens with really bright roving would be great! Now I just need more people to knit them for...

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