Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Playing with Chiyogami and Fabric

I finally got around to playing with the chiyogami that I got off Etsy. Did some pretty basic covered clothespins and got more adventerous with some earrings. (and realized I should develop my jewellry making skills.) I love the patterns of the chiyogami and since I never know if I'll be able to get the same pattern again I try to be careful when cutting and waste as little as possible. I guess I do that with all my craft supplies but I take extra care with the chiyogami.

I've also been enjoying trying out tutorials. This is my first attempt at a boxy pouch and my first zipper. I really like how the pattern lined up on top, and it was unintentional!! I turned the bag right side out and noticed the bird lined up - it's so nice when things work out like that!

And I made another envelope pouch. This one is for keeping tampons contained in my purse. I tried adding a divider, it worked OK but I think I'd try something a little different next time. I also realized I lucked out with the hair elastic last time. This time it kept slipping away from the needle and ended up on the diagonal of the flap. It looks cute with this fabric but in future I plan to baste it to one piece of fabric before sewing the seam.

What have you been busy creating?


  1. Hi! I found your blog while I was uploading my photo for the Apron in an Hour into the flickr group. The fabrics you chose for your aprons are so pretty.

    I love all of the projects you have been making. I agree that Amy Butler patterns are easy to follow. I haven't made that bag, but I have the pattern.

  2. Love your aprons....and the bag! I actually bought the pattern, loaned it to a friend and luckily she surprised me by making me a bag!

    I love what you do and want to pass on an award! Come by my blog to pick it up! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!