Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back to sewing

Yesterday I got back to sewing for the first time in over a month! (yikes!) I was surprised that it felt so satisfying. Partly due to the fact that I was able to finish this project in an evening I'm sure! Sometimes I forget, until I'm into a project, how good it feels to make something and even better, to finish it!

This little boxy pouch is a present for a cousin who loves frogs. My first boxy pouch turned out so well I've been itching to make another. Since I like to have a purpose for creating (and I can only use so many little bags) it's taken me a while to sew this second pouch. And sewing for my cousin was a great reason to bring home some of this adorable frog fabric!

I tried using interfacing on this one (I didn't on my first) so it turned out stiffer (obviously the effect I was after!) and maybe smaller? Does interfacing create the need for bigger seam allowances? Anyways I was very pleased with how it turned out.

Instructions for making your own boxy pouch can be found here:
Boxy Pouch Tutorial

I used this tutorial for information on making the lining. So basically I sewed the boxy pouch from the first tutorial with the addition of a lining as explained in the second.

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  1. That froggy fabric is too cute! Your bag is really cool. Don't ya just love when a project goes right?