Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Newfoundland Mittens

I saw this pattern for Newfoundland Mittens and decided to give them a try (not that I need them but they are so pretty). They were a good excuse to use Noro yarn again. I ended up using Cashmere Island because I liked the colourway more then the Kureyon yarns the store had in stock. And since I only needed one skein the extra cost wasn't too much to handle!

Knitting them up was fun, using different colours seem to make the rows go by a little faster and I enjoy watching Noro yarn stripe itself. I had a false start or two as I tried to figure out the pattern, it ended up I was trying to make it more complicated then it was.

The finished mittens remind me of stained glass, dark lead and glass of many colours. It's still too warm to be needing mittens but it's something nice to look forward to when the cooler weather begins.

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