Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In the Moment – November

As an exercise in enjoying all times of the year (and not spend all winter wishing it was over) I’m going to start each month blogging about what I am looking forward to. 

Things to enjoy in November:
  • The daylight when I leave for work (due to the switch back from Daylight Savings Time).  It won’t last long so I will enjoy it while I can.
  • The last few fall leaves – what beautiful colours!
  • A trip to the One of a Kind show.  So many lovely things, crafty things, tasty things.  Try not to buy too many “self gifts” this year!
  • Digging out my much loved winter hat, thrummed mitts and enjoying the warmth a winter coat brings.
  • The extra enjoyment and comfort the cold weather brings to hot drinks (tea, steamers, hot chocolate, London Fogs).
  • Wearing a poppy in the days leading up to November 11th (Remembrance Day in Canada).  This year I was able to purchase mine from a cadet vs. a box on a counter somewhere.  I miss the days when the veterans were out selling them – it added extra meaning to the poppies I thought.
  • Christmas preparations!  I’ve already started work (knitting, sewing) on some presents but in November I’ll start:
    • Making lists (and checking them twice!)
    • Christmas crafts (such a long list of things I want to try!)
    • Card making
    • Baking (maybe – for sure I’ll be deciding what to bake)
    • Decorating (house lights, trees up!) Since we have artificial trees (I know, I know, but real trees wreak havoc with my sister’s sinuses) they can go up any time now.
    • Playing Christmas carols on the piano and listening to them played by people who are much better then me.

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