Thursday, February 4, 2010

Doll Sized Olympic Excitement!

Doesn't every doll need her own Olympic gear? No, I'm not heading towards complete madness again, just a few outfits to give to my cousin when I see her in February. (These dolls, my dolls, are modeling the gear - which they won't get to keep.)

I got these done in less then a day as I was able to use patterns I'd already created rather then drafting new ones.  And because there were only two colours there was minimal changing of thread in the sewing machine.

These shirts were appliqued like my scarf and then put together like 1) a t-shirt 2) a combo between t-shirt and a hooded towel.

I did some freezer paper stenciling to create the logo and added some letters with mini alphabet stamps and acrylic paint.

This one uses freezer paper stenciling only.

All this talk of doll clothes reminds me that there are still some tutorials/patterns in that area that need to be written/posted.  Christmas kind of took over and they got forgotten.  oops.  They're coming, I promise!

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