Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Skirt for Spring!

The recent warm weather had me digging out spring/summer clothes and enjoying wearing skirts again!  (I do wear skirts in the winter but not too often as it's so cold, even with tights, on the legs!)  I was also busy sewing skirts.  The one in the picture is based on a style I saw at Old Navy.  (Please note the shirt is tucked in for your skirt viewing pleasure only - don't criticize my fashion sense!)  I like it because I got to do some shirring (always fun!), use my rotary cutter (Christmas present - I love it!) and it's super comfy to wear.  I already have ideas about how I would do it differently next time and got some brown jersey to do just that.  Would anyone be interested in a tutorial?  I have this grand plan in mind that I could do a series of spring/summer skirt tutorials but we'll see how it pans out.  Skirt two is in the works so it could be a possibility! 


  1. It's really wonderful! I don't have any skill with the sewing machine so I really admire this. Beautiful color, and you look so lovely! Happy weekend.


  2. Tutorials are always appreciated when something looks as cute as this. Good job!