Thursday, December 16, 2010

Star Ornament Tutorial

This is one of the projects I came up with to use all the lovely chiyogami paper I got at the Paper Place.  I think it would look great with scrapbooking patterned paper, gift wrap or coloured foil so no worries if you don't have any chiyogami on hand!

What you need:
  1. Paper (I'm using chiyogami here but use what you have)
  2. Gold thread
  3. Seed beads to compliment your paper (these are size 8/0 seed beads)
  4. Star punch (or use scissors and cut your own)
  5. Glue stick (not pictured, I use UHU)

Step 1:
Cut a piece of gold thread about 14" long.  Fold in half and tie a knot around the 3 1/2" mark.

Step 2: 
Thread 5 beads onto the doubled thread, slide up to the knot and tie another at the other end of the beads.  A little finicky but it doesn't need to be too tight to the beads.  Snip off the excess thread and set aside.

Step 3:
Punch (or cut) 5 stars from your paper and fold them all in half.

Step 4:
Glue the stars, wrong side together, to join them.  Stop before you join the final halves.  Hopefully the pictures makes sense.

Step 5:
Before gluing the last halves together lay the gold thread in the creases of the paper.  The fold in the thread will be the top of the ornament and the beads will be the bottom.  Line the knot up to be at the bottom of the star.  Then glue the last bit together and you're done!

Hang and enjoy!


  1. Good idea and atmospheric. I must make some like that. Thanks for the tutorial Laura.

  2. so cute...such a great idea. you are so talented!

  3. DARLING! They look beautiful... can't wait to make them!