Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sewing Lessons

On the weekend I had my first lesson on how to operate my new sewing machine.  We started with some straight stitching with different stitch lengths and needle positions:

Then we tried zigzag stitches with different widths and lengths:

The really close together zigzag stitch is great for applique!  Excuse the threads hanging out the edge - proper applique would have them trimmed neatly but this was just a scrap on a scrap.  

Then we tried applique with blanket stitch.  Plus some decorative stitches in the centre while I had a bit of time to play:

We got out our buttonhole feet and did buttonholes.  At this point I realized my machine is smarter then I am.  You put a button in a specific slot on the foot and it stitches the hole to the size of your button!  Wow.

The last foot we tried is useful for blind hemming.  It's also great for edge stitching (thanks to a little fabric guide under the foot) as apparent at the top of the applique photo (3 up):

The next class is in February - I'm excited to see what else I can do and try things out with an instructor there who can easily show me if I've done something wrong or how to make it better.  Hooray for learning new things!  Great start to the year.

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