Sunday, March 6, 2011

More Learning at Sewing Class

This week marked the end of the sewing classes that came with my sewing machine.  After the first lesson which discussed basic sewing we went on to experiment with embroidery, including twin needle sewing (very exciting!).  It was nice to have the chance to experiment with all the different stitches on my machine, something I wouldn't sit down and do on my own so it was rather nice to have the time (and direction) to try.

The next class focused on quilting, something I've never tried before, so again nice to have the guided opportunity to try. This is my first attempt at freehand quilting.  I think I might need to add "sew a quilt" to my crafty to do list.

With the feed dogs down you can do other free hand things too, like write your name!

Part of the series also introduced the many attachments you can get to make sewing various things easier.  Mostly feet: invisible zipper foot, straight stitch foot, gathering foot, piping foot, rufflers, hemming sets, etc. etc.  All very amazing but I also realized you don't need all these fancy feet, most things can be accomplished with a regular or zipper foot.  It might take a bit more time & fiddling but definitely do-able.

I really learn a lot at these classes (and must down put my notes in some sort of order so I can refer to them later).  If you have the opportunity to take a class & learn about your machine I highly recommend it!


  1. Hey, that stipple quilting looks great for a first attempt! Better than mine was! Beware, making one quilt will have you hooked on making more!

  2. Your stitching looks great. Isn't stippling fun?

  3. I am still writhing with jealously at how good you were with the free quilting foot!