Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas Crafternoon

Last weekend I hosted another Crafternoon - this one with a Christmas theme.

I set up various "stations" around the house - folding wish stars from glitter paper and trees from magazine pages, sewing Christmas trees from felt, and the most popular, Christmas card making!

This is how the table looked before everyone arrived.

Then people came and got creative.

And the table looked like this!

We also enjoyed some festive nibbles... sustain our creative efforts.  I loved introducing non-crafters to the joy of folding, stamping and embossing.  If you've never tried embossing (the kind where you stamp an image, sprinkle on embossing powder & heat it), I highly recommend it! Watching the embossing powder set is like magic & it was so fun to see everyone's reaction to their first embossing experience!

All round it was a great afternoon.  We may need to do this again.  Soon.

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  1. Looked like a perfect afternoon of crafts and sweets!