Saturday, January 28, 2012

Best of my Days

About a month later then I meant it to be, this post is finally getting uploaded!  Obviously there was no new year's resolution to be better at blogging!

Last year I found a lovely printable whereby you record the best of your day for 365 days.  I love journaling but sometimes it's I don't feel I have a lot to say, or don't have much time to write.  This project was perfect because you only write a line a day which is manageable even at the end of busy days!  At the end of the year I was excited to read back over the best of my days and, because I like statistics, I counted how many entries there were in different categories.  For instance I had 62 "bests" about food: cookies I baked, eating out, roast chicken, etc.; 45 about crafting and 81 about triathlons/training.  I kept my pages on a binder ring which made it a great place to store ticket stubs and the like.

AshleyAnn has made two versions for 2012... I chose the stripey version and am almost a month in to collecting another year of bests.  I'm looking forward to comparing the two next year and seeing how many bests repeated themselves and how even one short line can trigger so many memories!

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  1. What I love most is that you stuck with it for the whole year and you're still keen to do it again this year. Clearly an awesome printable!