Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Long weekend

This past weekend was a long one here in Ontario...

Lots of time for baking & cooking.  On Saturday afternoon I had a solo "Cookernoon" and made cinnamon bread & buns, spring rolls, bran flax muffins, chocolate chip salted caramel cookie bars and carrot ginger soup - yum!  Although by the time I got to the spring rolls my sister was home from work so I roped her into helping roll them so it would go faster.  Homemade spring rolls are so yummy but quite labour intensive so I don't make them very often (maybe once a year).

I spent the holiday day at the ski hill.  This was my second time downhill skiing so I was pretty nervous at first but 20+ years of dance training pays off in body awareness!  I was good to go on the green circle hills but couldn't make it down the blue square hill without falling/crashing.  After skidding face first down the hill I decided not to push my luck any longer & went back to the easy hill for the rest of the day.

This picture was taken first thing in the morning - it definitely wasn't that empty by the time we left!  We've had a warm winter here so it was nice to get out & do something wintery before the snow disappears!

(less then a month till spring, who else is excited?!)