Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Crafting with my Cousin

As I alluded to in this post, I had the chance to craft with my 11 year old cousin a couple weeks ago.  She lives 4,000 km away so we don't see each other as often as we'd like but now that she's a bit older we can keep in touch by e-mail.  Before she came to visit I had e-mailed her to ask if there was anything she especially wanted to do during our time together.  Making a craft was at the top of her list. (This proves we are related!) 

The week leading up to her visit was really busy for me so I didn't have a chance to prepare anything.  This worked out OK as we looked through a couple of my craft books and found a couple projects to do. (I love the craft books from Usborne, they have great ideas and clear directions!)  She picked a lizard that involved drawing, cut out & colouring and then we adapted two crafts to make box monkeys.  Finally my stash of craft stuff was put to use!  As she was looking through the books she would say, "oh, that one needs fabric" or "we would need boxes for that." I was able to say, "I have fabric!  I have boxes!"  Hooray, no crafting delays due to overflowing well stocked craft shelves!

Here she is with our box monkeys.  In the background you can see one of the projects that inspired this one. 

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  1. how fun! she's so lucky to have such a cool crafty cousin!
    craft shelves are best overflowing for sure. ;)