Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Playing with Stamps

As I mentioned in my last post I had fun carving my first stamps on the weekend.  I started without really researching it - now I realize gouging more out around the shape would make a clearer image, I think I could also trim them a bit more.  I used this starter kit from Michaels (with a 40% off coupon!) which has everything you need to get started, although you need to supply your own stamp pad or paint.

The first design I tried was some simple holly shapes, one with "two bump" leaves, another with "three bump" leaves.  I find the first ones easier to draw but I think the second look more realistic, what do you think?

Next I worked on a design that's been percolating in my mind for a few months.  I love white on kraft and the bit of gold really makes it stand out.  The third gift along is made out of washi tape, not part of the original plan but I love it!  This was a test design, on the final version I'd like to use gold leaf for the accents (I just used a gold marker here).

Carving is something new for me, this was an easy way to start and I think I'm hooked!


  1. Such fun! I love the presents and the holly -- both types of leaves. The combination of the stamp prints and the gold looks amazing. Thanks for posting your work!

  2. Hi Laura, I've been making stamps too! I took a course at the AGO a couple of years ago and I am hooked on carving. I use a product called "Speedy Cut" made by Speedball and available in art shops. It carves like butter and the image is very crisp. I have even used it to print my own fabric. Good luck experimenting. I really like your idea of making things for Christmas! Wrapping paper would be cool.