Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Miss Mushroom Goes to England

My friend Miss Mushroom came with me to England this summer.  She loved touring around Lacock...

and soaking up the culture and architecture in Bath...

Sometimes she felt a bit shy.

She was muchly excited to visit Highclere Castle - home of Downton Abbey!

All the touring around really tired her out and she had to take a rest.

Then she got a second wind and went for a hike...

in the forest, she was in her element!

 She paused by babbling brooks...

 and finally reached the lake...

 where she hopped up on a post to get a better view.

 Of course no trip to England is complete without a picture with the Trafalgar Square Lions!

Posing Miss Mushroom was probably the silliest thing I did while I was away.  No picture of the Trafalgar Square photo shoot but we were getting lots of strange looks from other tourists! Usually I took the photos in quieter locations where I could mushroom in peace.

I've been meaning to write this post for a couple months... can I procrastinate or what!?  The motivation to actually get it done is that Miss Mushroom and I will celebrate our first anniversary soon - I got her from Katie McLellan at the One of a Kind show which begins again this Thursday! I can't wait to see what Katie and the other artisans have been up to this last year.


  1. Laura, they're wonderful shots with Miss Mushroom. Truely lovely, sweet and pretty Miss. You captured the beautiful views - behind the tree, on the moss rocks, on the pole top........ all are sooooooo sweet. Loving your expression.

  2. So neat you got to visit the Downton Abby home! By far my favourite show- can't wait for the new season.

  3. I can't believe it!! Miss Mushroom is better-travelled than I!! I am also a tad jealous of her visit to the set of Downton Abbey. Will Miss Mushroom be watching amid popped corn?