Monday, February 11, 2013

More from the Weekend

 As much as shoveling was rather a pain, it's nice to have a proper amount of snow, at least once this winter!

When I went for a walk I kept hopping back and forth between the sidewalks and roads, depending which was clearer.

 Snow shadows are fun.

Looking up was very different from looking down.  Love those curled pods!

 Dried grasses look lovely in the snow.


Can you spot the sister? (for the record; the snow isn't quite that high, she's crouching a bit)

 The backyard was covered in a snowy duvet.

Snow days are also great for crafting!  This is what my desk looked like.  All this mess for two letters.

There was also creating in the kitchen... mini pound cakes, meringues (which burned or something) filled with lemon curd (making them quite edible) and cookies from a jar (leftover Christmas gift).  The lighting was peculiar so black and white it is!

What did you get up to this weekend?  Any creating?


  1. I thought all the snow was lovely too. It was so bright and pretty. As far as creating...need to get back to it soon, haven't made anything lately.

  2. Beautiful snow shots. Thought it's inspiring for creation too.