Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dry Pants at Last!

My latest knitting project was to knit legwarmers for the outside of my boots. Not to keep my legs warm but to keep my pants dry! I find when it’s wet or snowy out the hems of my pants get soaked which isn’t so bad until I take my boots off and I’m stuck with wet ankles. (Especially as I love to sit with a leg or two tucked underneath, then I get a wet seat too!). So these leg warmers are meant to combat this problem and with our current mini-thaw I figure they should be getting lots of use.

I knit them in a K2, P1 rib so they’d have lots of stretch and a bit of texture. Luckily I got two balls of wool (Paton’s Classic Wool) “just in case” as I ran out a few rows before finishing the second leg warmer. This means I have almost a full ball left to play with – I’m thinking felted bowl!

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