Sunday, February 8, 2009

What’s in a name?

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a few weeks now. What’s been holding me back? Finding a name! It proved to be rather difficult to find a name I felt represented something about me yet was original (ie. isn’t registered to someone else.) Years ago when I was setting up an e-mail address I used “arual” (Laura backwards) as I thought it was easy to remember yet a little different. Maybe not as easy to remember as I thought judging by the blank looks I got when I said my e-mail is “Laura backwards… A-R-U-A-L”. I think I got on the backwards thing from my dad - when I was growing up and my dad was on business trips his postcards would often arrive with all the words spelled backwards and my sister and I thought this was really neat. So I am arual (or, if that was taken, Lauraarual) in some places including my Etsy account. I knew when I was signing up I might want to have a store one day and read about how to pick your name carefully but I just wanted to get started saving favourites and buying things and couldn’t think of anything more creative but for my blog I was determined to come up with something better. I happened to see an ad for a line of Birkenstocks called “Betula” which reminded me of Betula Lake where my grandparents had a cottage. I spent many summer weeks there and belieive I inherited my love of crafting, baking, knitting and sewing from my grandma. Great I thought, I can be Betula something (Betula is taken of course). Then I thought I’d be “Betula*la” as Lala is a bit like Laura and actually I was called that by a little girl. Again, taken. So Betula`Loo it is, kinda fun, playful and unique. What do you think? I’d love to hear how you came up with your Blog/Etsy/Screen name!


  1. I think your blog name is great.

    My daughter's name is Laura and we call her Laura Lu or Lu for short.

    My blog name came from my neighbor. She always calls and asks if I'm busy, busy, busy and every time she calls, I'm quilting. Therefore it's Busy Little Quilter.

  2. My daughter's name is Lauren, and she was also called LaLa by her younger siblings. Now she is Aunt LaLa...

  3. Love it! Thanks for directing me to you first post--I haven't gotten that far back yet, but should have realized that's where you might have mentioned it before. It took me a while to come up with my blog name too. I am 100% German so the word 'hausfrau' was always thrown around. My husband and I joke about who is the hausfrau b/c sometimes he is too! I remember when my aunts came to stay with me and my grandma when my parents were out of town. My grandma (Omi) needed more help than I could give and I think I was taking classes at the time too. Anyhow, they both joked about who would be the hausfrau after dinner and clear the table and wash the dishes, so it's always been a funny name to me and talked about with humor. And, then the word 'artful' just described me a little bit better. I tried a bunch of creative type words, but artful hausfrau sounded the best to me. I think my explanation might be way too long... :-)