Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Candy

I'm more of a baker then a candy maker but there have been a few confections coming out of the kitchen in the past few weeks.  First off I made candied orange peel...

So I could make this white chocolate bark (with candied orange peel and almonds):


Then I made caramels.  Tried not to think too much about all the fat in the litre (yes, litre!) of whipping cream that went into making this pan:

Which then had to sit for 8 hours before being chopped up:

And wrapped in 192 little wax paper squares (we were environmentally friendly and ate some before they were wrapped to save the paper!)

The caramels have since been moved to a more festive tin but this bowl was what I had handy when I was wrapping them.

The last confection was filled dates.  The pictures didn't really do them justice as they look just like dates from the outside.  But inside!  A toasted pecan covered in caramel.  Delicious!  And almost healthy!  (Or so my mom and I tell ourselves as we eat them up!)

What have you been making?

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  1. Haha! I would have had to say: the caramels have since been devoured!
    My goodness those look so so so good!