Wednesday, December 9, 2009

In the Moment - December

It's over a week into the month and I am just now sitting down to write my post about December.  I didn't feel overly busy but maybe I was.  (And Giveaway Day didn't help, so many blogs to look at!)

On to December.  What I am mostly looking forward to this month is Christmas (in case you hadn't guessed already)!  Not just the 25th but also all the festivities before and after that as well as all the holiday things like baking and decorating trees.  Let's start the list with that:

  • Baking.  Last year I made 15 kinds of cookies.  A little overboard I know.  This year I have 10 types of cookies on the list (and a few moved over to the "January" to do pile).

  • Decorating trees.  Looking at all the ornaments collected over the years, watching the lights twinkle in the dark.

  • Wrapping presents.  Challenging myself to be more eco-friendly this year.  Hopefully sew some gift bags, if not work on using up the used paper in my closet.

  • Giving presents.  It makes me happy!

  • Singing Christmas carols. 

  • Remembering the time of Jesus' birth.  Those chapters in Luke seem more meaningful at this time of year.

  • Making and sending Christmas cards.  Using those sparkily Christmas stamps too!

  • Getting the mail.  I love mail and December has to be the best mail month of the year!

  • Longer days.  Not yet, but soon the days will start getting longer.

  • Relaxing.  Time off work, preparations complete, time to spend with family!

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