Monday, April 12, 2010

Recycled Note Cards

My other weekend craft project continued on the recycling theme.  I was inspired by this project I saw over at One Pretty Thing.  I sat down in front of the TV with a couple old magazines and ended up with beautiful envelopes.  I was really happy with how they turned out - especially the food ones!

The next day I decided to make some matching cards - more magazine cut outs glued on recycled paper. 

Now to find more magazines to chop up recycle.  I found Martha Stewart magazines had lots of great pictures for this project. Makes me wish I subscribed, just so I could cut them up after!


  1. Your envelopes are gorgeous. I think you found great magazines, especially all those flowers. I am also on the hunt for more magazines!! Good luck on your hunt and thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Hi Laura: I just wanted to let you know that your fat quarter and lovely charm arrived safely here in Colorado. I am completely inspired by your had made envelopes and note cards! THANKS SO MUCH!