Thursday, May 27, 2010

Last Few Weeks

These last few weeks have just flown by!  Just after my last post I spent the weekend in Winnipeg.  Sadly, this was for my grandfather's funeral but overall it was a great weekend (is it weird to say that?).  I got to reconnect with cousins, aunts & uncles I haven't seen in a few years and for the first time all 11 grandchildren were together!  Six of the eleven set up camp in the basement which actually saw a fair bit of sleep due to late nights spent talking and the nine year old who we all realized needed to sleep.

During this trip I got to test out my handmade ziplock bag which went through security twice, no questions asked.  I guess it's a go!!

Back at home I've been working through a placement that is required for the Early Childhood Educator diploma I am working towards.  Basically it's doing my regular job (daycare teacher) at a different centre for no pay!  I guess not exactly my regular job as I have fewer responsibilities making my days at "work" less busy then usual.  The flip side is the placement involves a lot more paperwork so that is what I've been doing most evenings.

Or at least evenings when I'm not training for the Try-a-Tri I'm doing in June.  We had our first lake swim this Monday, the weather has been hot so it was nice to get in the water.  I did a fair bit of lake swimming (the cottage variety, not the racing variety) while I was growing up so being in the lake doesn't bother me the way it seems to bother others (murk, mud, no edge and all that).  I've also learned the techique involved in biking up a hill which is making me look at biking in a much friendlier way!  (For anyone as out of the loop as I was, it involves gearing down, several times, as you climb the hill.) 

It's been pretty quiet on the crafting front but in my few spare moments (while watching TV mainly) I have been cutting up old magazines and punching out circles like this:

To create recycled note cards which I plan to list in my shop.  When I get a few spare moments that is.  I seem to remember listing on Etsy taking much longer then I expected.  Anyways I have 12 sets plus some other paper goodies which are looking for new homes!

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