Sunday, October 24, 2010

Christmas Doodles

I love having time to sit down and craft but sometimes I find myself beginning an hour or two of crafting and not knowing where to start!  So one day I did some doodling while I was watching TV (and not knitting as is usual when the TV is on).  It was fun to get out the coloured markers without a particular aim in mind.  Some of these doodles have inspired craft projects, come by tomorrow and I'll be showing off the first one!

P.S.  How do you organize your craft time?


  1. I usually have to wait for naptime or bedtime to get crafting. Blogging has really helped to keep me going. There are so many things I'd like to try too--it's difficult to stay on task. Right now I think I have about a dozen unfinished sewing projects that I would like to complete, but then I get distracted by cardmaking or other things. It's nice to have a hobby or hobbies though!

  2. That sounds just like my craft line up! It is nice to have so many different things to enjoy though. :)

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog a while back ...
    So happy I found yours! :-)
    Am your follower now. And no ideas on organzing craft time. I have to kids, one just one year old. Craft time is REALLY limited. So whenever there is an opportunity I JUMP at it. Often however I end up spending the whole time searching for supplies or for some bit that I have misplaced. It really drives me crazy. I should really get more organized. Especially since I usually have so many projects going ...
    I do have a sheet of paper where I put down all the projects that I am working on and the ones I need to start soon. But now with Christmas coming I kinda gave up on it. Will do it again after the gift making is over.