Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas Cards - Quick Idea

I think this qualifies as a quick idea - mainly because you get 4 cards made at once!  And if I say so myself, they look pretty good!

What you need:
  • tissue paper in red and green
  • heavy white paper or cardstock
  • gold paint pen (this isn't the one I have but very similar)
  • watercolour paints and paint brush (optional)
What you do:
  • Cut out flower shapes from the red tissue
  • Cut out leaf shapes from the green tissue (make it faster by cutting 3 or 4 layers at once!)
  • Glue shapes to white paper
  • Outline all shapes and add detail (vein on leaf, dots on flowers) with gold paint pen
  • Fill in the background with a light watercolour wash (optional)

Then cut your work of art into smaller rectangles to glue on blank cards, outline in gold pen and you're done!

I used a light green watercolour wash on these, mainly because I felt like painting, but I think I prefer the crispness of the plain white, unpainted background.  


  1. These cards look so pretty! I'll have to add the idea to my ever growing "to do" list!

  2. Cool idea, and, of course, adaptable to other holidays and celebrations. I'm imagining balloons, stars, leaves etc. Thanks!

  3. Great idea to adapt to different holidays. Must give that a try!

  4. I'll be useing this idea to do an assortment of card genres, thanks!

  5. real cute think i will try