Monday, November 29, 2010

Paper Christmas Projects

Have you seen the Make a Gift Bow from a Magazine Page tutorial over at How About Orange?  I saw it last year but ran out of time to try it out.  This year I started early and love how they turned out.  Next I'm going to try making some smaller ones for tiny gifts.  They're fun to make and you likely have all the supplies needed.  I highly suggest you try it out! (They make a very good "while watching TV" craft.)

These glitter stars come from the paper I bought back in October.  Dozens of wish stars later I have a garland!  I'm hoping to get a picture of it hanging up for you but it's been difficult to capture the glitter at a distance.  Any tips?

1 comment:

  1. The bows are beautiful--will have to look into making some! And the stars look amazing and you captured the glitter very well. I'm not sure how you might capture the glitter from a distance--I'm thinking a flash would definitely not work. It's all in the lighting is my guess. Good luck!