Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kirigami Challenge - Week 4

Today is March 1st which means my February kirigami challenge is over.  It was fun but I'll confess I'm pretty happy that now I don't need to remember to find the time to cut something every day!  Here's my last week of designs.

Day 21:
hmmm... really can't find anything to say about this design...moving right along!

Day 22:
I was trying to add some scallop-y edges to this.  It worked out except where I was too close to the edge and you see the flat parts.

Day 23
This was supposed to be much bigger but I chopped off those essential folds so I ended up doing a small design.  I like the geometric-ness of this piece!

Day 24:
I love how a little flower showed up in the middle - completely unintentionally!

Day 25: 
I think this design would look smashing with the holes coloured in like stained glass!  Maybe tissue paper or glued down and watercoloured.

Day 26: 
Lots of curves, kinda reminds me of worms or something.

Day 27: 
I love cutting stars, I added a little star in the centre for fun.

Day 28: 
I really like the peaks on this one.  And the colour!  Nice way to end my month-long challenge.

Now what do I do with all these cutouts?  Suggestions?


  1. I definitely think you could frame some of these on some colored paper and hang a series of them. They would look so pretty together. I'm not sure how big they are, but they would make a pretty card too.What are your plans?

  2. The cut-outs are about 6" square. Framing is a great idea! My default craft would be card-making with them but I would like to try something different too. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Hope the framing works out. I think you could do a really nice montage with some of your cutouts. I'd love to see the final outcome!

  4. Paste tissue paper to the backs and hang them in the window! We did that in Germany when I lived there - with red or green for Christmas, for example. Or do a stained-glass look, with different colors in different parts.