Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Craft Show Table

I've been playing with my table set up the last few days... it's in the basement so excuse the horrible lighting!  Mostly I'm pretty pleased with it.  I still need to add a few things:
  • A sign with my shop name
  • Price list
  • Cards saying what the different items are, uses for them, etc.

On the left side of the table I've got thumb tacks and magnets (hmm... that bulletin board needs sprucing up too!)

In the middle are my recycled cards.  This is the bit I'm still not satisfied with.  I need a way to display example cards and the tricky bit is they are both horizontal and vertical.  Any suggestions?

On the right side are things I've sewn: buckets, zippy pouches and needle cases (plus random basement junk in the background which obviously won't be there at the show!)

Overall?  I like!  A little tweaking and we should be good to go.


  1. Table looks great. I love all that you've done. Your zipper pouches look really cool--I need to check into how you made that. As for an idea how to display horizontal and vertical cards--do you have something that can be raised? Not as high as your buckets, but just a few inches higher? Maybe you could tuck something under the tablecloth? Anyhow, I was thinking you could display the horizontal ones on the top and then the vertical ones on the lower level. Or it might work the other way around. Hope that makes some sense and gives you some ideas! Good luck!

  2. Love all your things. They're lovely. If you put something make it a bit raised and put in ladder look, may be another feel of display. Success !