Monday, April 25, 2011

Show & Tell

Hope you all had a good long weekend!  I sure enjoyed 4 days off work. Today I have a couple things to show you.

Last weekend at the CreativFestival I had the chance to try Ebru - Turkish paper marbling.  Now I've tried paper marbling before on a small scale (think margarine tub and small jars of model paint) but this was larger and more... planned.  After I chose my design I was directed what colours to use, how to apply it and got a helping hand when things weren't quite right.

When the print was made it looked like this!  A pansy - my favourite flower.

The second thing I have to show you is this little wood burning I won at the Cabin & Cub giveaway, isn't it sweet?  I was so excited to win - it's the first ever giveaway I've won!  My name was picked when there was still snow on the ground so this little guy was a welcome reminder that spring is here!


  1. Sweet, look at those goodies! Your paper turned out very well, didn't it? So cool!

  2. That marbling looks awesome! I've always wanted to make some marbled paper and envelopes.

    P.S. Email me your address if you want to exchange a letter or two!