Thursday, May 19, 2011

I (heart) Mail

What could be more wonderful then getting something in the mail? 

Receiving an envelope with beautiful vintage stamps on it! (Can you see I was too excited to open it nicely and ripped it at the top?)

They're super cute in the package.

And so much fun once they're out!

My problem now is deciding who to send these wonderful stamps to.  Someone who would appreciate them of course. Although I'm having a little trouble letting go (isn't that girl watering the tree lovely?) so I'm seriously tempted to ask them to send them back to me instead of throwing them out.  Consider this your warning - if these stamps end up in your mailbox don't get too attached!

Want your own awesome stamps?  Jaime at Send More Mail is the lovely lady who assembles these packages - each with enough stamps to send a letter in Canada.  (Sorry everyone who lives elsewhere!)


  1. That top left one is something to behold! Puuuurty!

  2. I'm so happy that you like them Laura! The tree stamp is one of my faves!