Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day - Crafts, etc.

Mothers are always appreciative of gifts made by their children, right?  This year for Mother's Day I painted a mug for my mum.  A love of sailing (and canoeing!) is something we have in common and it was something different from mugs you'd see in shops but still within my artistic capabilities!

The first boat turned out so well (surprised myself actually with how good it looked) that I did two more, on the other side.

The colours on the handle are how I had imagined the whole mug looking - more blendy and Impressionist.   I would say now I know how to do it for next time but I'm not sure really how I got that look!

I couldn't resist putting something fun inside!

More painting for the card.  Sometimes things just work out well!  I'd actually planned to do something different but this materialized and I'm very happy with it.  Plus it was a chance to use washi tape!!

This afternoon my mum, sister & I sat down to this delightful tea!  Yum!  My tastebuds are happy just thinking about it.

I hope you were able to do something special today too!


  1. What a pretty table with all those goodies! Yum. The mug turned out super. Your painting abilities really impress me!

  2. Wow, I love the colour blending and palate you used on the mug, it is really stunning! I don't really have a way with colour so I always appreciate when others do... I bet she loves it!

  3. erm... hello? Are you taking orders for that mug? I hopped over from Grace is overrated, and you just blew me away with this. My mum would LOVE the mug as it totally mirrors her photography. I wish I was able to come up with anything anywhere near as awesome as this.

  4. Thanks for all the comments! I'm definitely my own worst critic when it comes to painting - although I admit this one turned out really well!

    lisbonlioness - I don't know if you'll see this or not but if you'd like a mug e-mail me and we can arrange something!