Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lake Louise

Need to get this summer vacation series wrapped up since we're now well into fall and there are crafts going on that can be shared!

Did I mention I got an iPhone just before I left?  (And when I say "just" I mean the night before my flight).  I love the Hipstamatic app!  It was fun to play around with and get some different looking tourist photos.

Besides taking photos (something that is very easy to do in Lake Louise as it's so beautiful) one of the most popular activities is hiking.  We spent about 6 hours out on the trail one day.  

Catching glimpses of views like this:

Can you see the tiny dots on the lake?  Those are canoes!  We were just a little bit high up.

This picture makes it look like we were the only ones there, but in reality this was snapped in between groups of tourists.  And I'm sure this same photo was on everyone's camera - such a classic scene!

One more post and then the vacation series will be done. 

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