Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Birthday Day Out

Monday was my birthday and it was as wonderful as you could want any birthday to be.  I was still on a bit of a high from finishing a half marathon the day before and since the race offered discounted hotel rooms to participants my sister & I stayed the night in Toronto.  So on birthday morning once we were up and fed we headed out to shop! Although it doesn't always happen on our actual birthdays it is now our tradition to go birthday shopping rather then give each other gifts. It means we can spend time together and usually we go explore somewhere outside of our city.  This time we headed to Queen St. W in Toronto.

Our first stop was a wonderful bookstore called Type.

The front of the store had all kinds of wonderful journals, stationery, cards, labels, etc. and the back was filled with wonderful books!  My sister bought me a Line a Day 5 Year Journal.  It's similar to the Best of my Days project I have going now only obviously this is for 5 years. There's also room for a bit more then a line each day and there's no pressure that I have to write about the best of each day.  I think it will be an interesting project, especially as it will go from birthday to birthday.  Let's hope I can keep it up for 1826 entries!

I did a quick look through the children's book section but didn't linger as children's books are very dangerous to me my wallet.  I did find a couple things in the adult book section.  Although I would have loved to bring them home the lovely cloth bound copies of Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice and Emma (have I ever mentioned I'm a big Jane Austen fan) are getting added to the wish list!

Right next door was the store I came to see - the Paper Place.  I was fortunate to make my first visit there last year on my birthday (a tradition I would be all for continuing!).

Rainbows of paper - do they excite anyone else?

I tried to stay away from large sheets of paper as I still have lots left from my purchases last year.  It was exciting to see Jaime's stamp packs for sale - I bought some more to replenish my stash (it's much easier to use them if you know you have another waiting in your drawer).

I love this little tree.  I think it would be perfect for displaying handmade ornaments.  Unfortunately it wasn't for sale, I'm hoping Etsy & Google will be able to help me out there!

My nose found this little cafe - the smell of fresh baked croissants is very hard to resist!  They were just as delicious as they look.

This yarn store was jam packed with lovely yarns.  I showed great restraint and didn't buy anything!  There's enough yarn in my stash right now.  My sister bought a skein of yarn though, so we didn't leave empty handed.

A quick stop for lunch - Sunday Dinner soup and a London Fog and then back home before rush hour began.

Dinner & games with friends, although not great lighting for photos, was a great way to finish the day.  I may be grown up now but birthdays are still exciting and wonderful!


  1. Sounds like you had a fun time on Queen West. Happy belated birthday Laura! xo

  2. happy belated birthday and congrats on the half marathon! so impressive!
    i love the idea of birthday shopping instead of birthday presents. i'm totally instituting that. all the stores you went to look so cute! i'm very jealous =)