Monday, March 12, 2012

Miniature Monday

Have I ever mentioned I love all things miniature?  The smaller the better!  When I was making dollhouse miniatures (years ago) my favorite scale was 1/144", the scale a dollhouse in a dollhouse would be.  Although I don't make dollhouse miniatures anymore I do sometimes make things smaller then usual; I thought I'd share some here on Miniature Mondays.  Maybe not every week but hopefully more often then not!

Today's miniature is a cupcake made in a tiny cupcake paper from IKEA.  They came in a set with larger cupcake papers but I'm pretty sure these tiny ones are what sold me on the set!

Happy to report cupcakes are just as delicious in tiny size!


  1. i love ANYTHING in miniature!

  2. i love anything that's abnormally sized!! so, things that are tinier or bigger than usual? love.
    those cupcakes look adorably delicious!