Wednesday, April 18, 2012

First Sweater - Done!

This sweater I started in January is done!  I'm pretty impressed with having it done in three months (I figured I'd give myself a year when I started); the winter is a good time to sit and knit so I had a fair bit done after just one month and before two months were done I had just the sleeves to go!  I almost lost steam doing the sleeves but pressed on (Googled the magic loop method helped) and got it done.

I love the colours. I love the pocket.  I love saying "I knit that".

I really love it from the back!


  1. It looks amazing, Laura!! The front pocket is awesome and I love the stripes. Many congrats! Have you started on your next knitting project yet?

  2. Thanks so much! Now I'm working on home socks. I finished off a pair for me that I began at a workshop in November and now I'm working on a pair for my mom (after she looked longingly at the ones I was knitting)!

    1. Ooh, socks! I hope you'll post about those too. I took a sock workshop once. Toe up with magic loop. Loved it, but I found the heels really challenging. Happy knitting!