Monday, May 28, 2012

Something Good!

Today's the big day when Send Something Good partners are revealed!  I received my package on a busy day & didn't have time to open it til late at night.  Crappy for pictures but I couldn't wait!  Everything was wrapped which made for fun and extended opening.

Inside Gentri had included things to represent so many of my interests, and lots of turquoise, my favourite colour.

As much fun as this was to receive I had even more fun making the package for my other partner April!  Again, it was a late night project (no photos) but if you head over to April's blog she did a great job photo documenting the package and her super cute daughter makes a guest appearance!

This project was such a fun way to meet new bloggers!  There's talk of another swap happening in the fall... just sayin'.

Here's links to other Something Good participants!  Have fun!


  1. Woohoo! So glad you liked it!

  2. Love the package that Gentri sent you!

  3. Love that package. And the color turquoise too!! What an awesome project:))

  4. such a good idea to get to know people! packages in the mail are the best!

  5. Laura,
    Neat idea. I would love to participate next time. Beats getting bills in the mail !!