Saturday, February 14, 2009

Felted Friends

A new craft for me this year is needle felting. Over the holidays I got myself some roving and a couple barbed needles, these are the results so far:
This was supposed to be/it is a sheep. I think the legs need a little more felting so they'd be stronger (this guy had some objections to standing up for the photo).

Then I decided to go for an easier project with fewer appendages needing attention, a ladybug fit the fill nicely!

My first attempt at a "make it up as you go" critter. (The previous projects followed instructions from Wool Pets). I think he turned out quite well, he just needs some eyes. Not sure how I'm going to do those, beads maybe.

And just for fun, something not needlefelted at all but lunch at a local bakery!


  1. SO cute! I love needle felting! Yum and lunch looks GOOD! Does it have beets?

  2. Yes! It was beet & buttermilk soup. Really good but sooo filling!