Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Crafts

I've been busy with Christmas crafts lately.  Lots of lovely tutorials to try as well as things that pop into my head.  Here are some felt ornaments from that lovely stash shown here:

So far each one is unique although two of the stars seem to been twins of a sort!

I tried out felt cafe's candy cane tutorial which I saw last year but didn't have the supplies for.  First I tried classic red and white:

Then I added a green stripe:

And had fun arranging them all for a photo:

This weekend was busy but very productive: baking, card making, tree decorating, present shopping, etc.  Didn't take many pictures although it was sunny (hooray!) and knew I would probably regret it later (i.e. when trying to take pictures in the dark/artificially lit indoors).

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  1. I love these - beautiful work, your tree is going to look splendid this year!