Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hot Chaud

Years ago, when my mom was a teacher (i.e. before me!) one of her students introduced her to this drink that she called "Hot Chaud" (which doesn't really make sense because chaud is French for hot, so the drink is called "hot hot" but anyways it tastes delicious!)  Basically it's hot chocolate topped with ice cream.  Here I've used Candy Cane Crackle for a minty hot chocolate but usually I add vanilla ice cream.  As it melts it makes a wonderful creamy foam on top... yum!  Too sweet to have very often but delicious when you do.  And the ice cream cools the hot chocolate off so you don't burn your tongue!

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  1. Hi Laura,
    I am a member of Flickr. I noticed you asked Maya how to make the mosaics you see so often on there. I used Big Huge Labs. I used 6 rows by 6 columns and then I pressed the share button and that let me put it on my flickr account. You'll see what I mean when yo go there. It's a bit confusing. But just play around when you have some time and then you'll get it. I have lots of creative things in my favorite list if you want to check them out. My resolution this year was to try and help in the smallest of ways. I hope this did. If not, e-mail me and I'll convo you some more. Good Luck! Oh and that Hot Hot looks delish!
    Lynn, in Brrrrr....North Dakota
    idreamofcatalina on Flickr