Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year, New Projects

Now that Christmas is over it's time to start some new projects.  I haven't had any non-Christmas projects on the go for the past month or two and it was a little strange to start in on something that was not a) intended as a gift or b) in red and green.

Last week I was at Michael's and saw a little notebook titled "Ideas".  I almost bought it (it was only $1.50 after all) but then decided it would be a better idea to make my own, reusing some paper printed only on one side and perfectly fine for notes and scrap paper.  I had my cover beautifully covered in chiyogami paper and everything was great until I tried to refold the pre-scored cover.

I obviously forgot to account for the fact that a scored piece of cardboard will be "bigger" when bent then when lying flat (which is how I applied the paper and let it dry.)  Back to the drawing board on that one!  The good news is I am planning a tutorial so you can learn from my mistakes!

Also in progress - or more like the planning stages - is a scarf made out of this "chocolate mint" wool. 

I thought "knit a scarf" sounded so simple but I'm having trouble finding a pattern that I want to a) knit and b) wear.  I'm going to knit a couple more swatches tonight and hopefully decide on a pattern!

What new projects have you been working on?

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