Saturday, January 23, 2010

On Second Thought...

The tutorial on the mini notebook (alluded to here) is not going to happen.  I should have bought the one I saw at Michaels!  Things started going wrong after this step:

The outside looked great and I thought letting the thing dry folded up was the answer to my problem.  Until I put the lining paper on and after drying folded it doesn't have enough give to let the book open flat.  I'm still going to finish it off but I think I need to find a tutorial rather then write one!

Another project that has been redirected is the knitting of a scarf out of this:

After knitting about half a dozen swatches I couldn't find a pattern I could get excited about knitting and wearing so I'm reassigning the wool to leg warmers.  It's good to be flexible after all!

Of course some projects go well from the start - I made a brooch today and it turned out how I pictured it (don't you love when that happens?).  Tutorial coming up on that one!

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