Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Little Notebooks

After spending some time this weekend sifting through a bunch of little scraps of paper where I had recorded various craft ideas I decided I needed something a little more contained - enter the matchbook notepad!  I did one of these several months ago and it came in really handy for recording ideas, websites & such on the go (plus it's just so cute!). 

I used scrap paper, a paint chip and a couple staples.  No tutorial as I'm sure you can figure it out!  Confession:  I love paint chips!  I usually take them purely for crafting purposes - not with the intention of painting walls.  I love the colours lined up from light to dark and I love reading the names (wouldn't that be a fun job?  Naming paint colours!). 

I made one for blog ideas too (inspiration to write more often!?).  The extra staple holes were the result of my experimenting with how much paper my stapler could handle. 

A fun, instant satisfaction, little thought required craft.  Perfect project for in front of the TV.

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