Sunday, March 28, 2010


There's been a lot of yummy food coming out of the kitchen this week.  Like this pizza, made with Little Birdie Secrets 15 minute crust.  The toppings (pesto, spinach, asparagus, onions, mushrooms, chicken, mozzarella) are based on a pizza I had at a local restaurant and so delicious!

This pizza crust is great. It really does come together in only 15 minutes so making a pizza from scratch is almost as fast as ordering it from a pizzeria!  It's good for other things too, like cinnamon buns:

I used this recipe from Martha's Everyday Food but only used about half the butter and didn't let the dough chill (too impatient!)  They turned out super delicious anyways, once you flip them out of the pan the tops are covered in gooey sugary goodness.

About once a month I get together with a friend for a cooking date.  This time we made pierogies.  They were good but I'm not sure if they were that much better then store bought (or farmer's market bought) to warrant all the extra work.  If you want to try, this is the recpie I used.

We also tried baked custard with raspberries.  Very awesome and super easy with a blender.  We both liked the burnt-ish bits on top.

Mmmm... my tummy is remembering how happy it was after all that deliciousness.  I'll be back tomorrow to share my Nana's (easy peasy) rice pudding recpie!

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