Saturday, May 8, 2010

In the Moment - May

Oops, I'm a little late on this one!  Anyways...

In the spring/summer I find it's not so hard to just "enjoy the moment" as it is in, say, November when I'm shivering and wondering when I'll get to see the sun again!  In May it's time to:

  • Get outside!  Last frost date means gardening.  Also walking, running, biking, eating... swimming!  (Yikes!  Normally May is a little chilly for swimming in lakes but I've joined a triathlon group and our first lake swim is at the end of the month.)
  • Celebrate mothers!  They are wonderful people.
  • Enjoy local produce, the first crops start rolling in at the Farmer's Market and I'm noticing the rhubarb out back is about ready for picking.
  • Birthday shopping!  My sister's birthday is this month and for the past 5 years we've celebrated by going shopping together, usually someplace a little far away (say an hour's drive or so) with a little spending money that must be used on that day (not usually a hard feat).  I really love this tradition - not only for the "I get to shop for hours and spend time with my sister" side but also for the "I don't have to figure out what to give her" side.  If that sounds selfish I guess it is a little, but she feels the same way when my birthday rolls around in the fall!
What are you going to enjoy this month?


  1. I am going to enjoy the longer hors of daylight! oh and the last month of pregnancy. ;)